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Our Story

Written by Cameron Penner


Posted on December 15 2021


My name is Nicole Penner and I am the CEO and founder of Olive Branch Jewelry INC. I also have the help of my awesome husband, Cameron Penner! We love being small business owners here in Lethbridge, AB!

We launched our business January 1st 2021, and here is the story of how it all came to be!

Our company started with a dream I had, I had dreamt one night that we would open a storefront in downtown lethbridge and name it Olive Branch. I ended up completely forgetting about this dream, and 6 months later Cameron and I were talking about side hustles we could start while we were in University. Cam said "candles?", I laughed and said "well, how about jewelry?". We made a small investment, settled on the name "Olive Branch Jewelry", started an instagram page and began this journey!

A couple months into our journey, I was praying and telling god I only wanted to continue with Olive Co. if it was truly what he wanted me to do! In this moment, I was reminded of the dream he had given me 6 months prior. The dream I had of owning a business and opening a storefront in downtown Lethbridge and naming it Olive Branch.

Teary, and joyfully reminded of this dream, we continued on with Olive Co. and here we are now, after 3 years of growing our company we have a beautiful storefront in downtown Lethbridge! Little did we know this was His plan for us all along. 

A little bit of our why…

Although I love all things jewelry, I actually just graduated with my Bachelor of Social Work through the UofC. I started my degree with the hope of making a difference in our city directed towards the addiction and homelessness sector. I have a heart to giveback and work towards minimizing poverty.

Not only do Olive Branches stand for peace, they stand for victory. I want to see victory in the lives of those affected by homelessness, addiction, and poverty. Our brand regularly donates to the Streets Alive program here in lethbridge and the calgary dream centre. We believe we are in a blessed position to give and to give freely to programs who make a difference.

I am continuing to dream of the impact Olive Branch Jewelry will have in our community. So thank you for your support, your support not only supports our family-- but it extends out into the community and has a radical effect within the homelessness and addiction sector. 

So, this is us! And this is our story! Thank you for taking the time to read.

Nicole & Cam