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Fine Jewelry Customization/Consultation

We want to work with you to customize the ring you have always dreamt about! Whether its an engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary band, or a sentimental piece-  we want to help you create it. Our goal is to create timeless pieces that are within your budget. Through one-on-one consultation, transparent budgeting, and client/seller creativity, we will work together to create something beautiful!

The Cost of Customization:

Clients can choose from varying stock pieces, customizing stones, metals, and prongs. These pieces tend to start around 600.00+ . But prices are subjective and can be more or less. Cost increases as details are added and as details becomes more specific.


We can start completely from scratch, sketching different ideas and playing around with different designs to create something that is 100% unique. This process tends to start around 1000.00+. Prices are subjective.


Metals, Stones, and Materials:

Moissanite, Lab Grown Diamonds, Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia Crystals and Natural or Imitation Gemstones are the stones we will be working with. These stones can be cut into circle, pear, baguette, emerald, princess, oval, marquise, cushion, cabochon cuts, etc. You can choose the carat weight and dimensions of the stones- as well as the color and quality of the gemstones. Stones are available with or without lab grading reports.

Additionally, the metals we will be working with are 10, 14, 18 karat gold, rose gold, and white gold. Platinum is also available. 

We will also play around with different settings, whether you choose bezel, rounded prongs or claw prongs, high settings or low settings, toi et moi, hidden halos, detailing on the band, or even engraving, we are able to bring your piece to life!


The Process:

Together, we will start with a consultation process, we can meet in person or chat over email ( After our consult, Olive Co. will render a 3C design through Stuller. Stuller is located in Lafayette, Louisiana and has been working with companies like us since 1970. They have a team of highly equipped jewelers, and goldsmiths that will hand create the piece that we have designed together. Once an agreed upon rendered design has been created, a 50% deposit is needed. From here, Olive Co will continue to work and consult with stuller as they create your custom piece. 


Warranty and Benchwork:

All customized fine jewelry will come with one year of limited warranty, through Stuller. This warranty covers any unnaturally occurring damage.

Olive Branch Jewelry does not offer warranty outside of stullers limited warranty. 

Olive Branch Jewelry does not offer benchwork, we cannot resize your ring, adjust prongs, or solder bands together. Any regular work or repair can be done through a bench jeweler or a  goldsmith. Essentially, Olive Branch Jewelry acts as the design consultant to help bring to life the pieces you have been dreaming about! 


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