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Lethbridge Permanent Jewelry Information

Written by Nicole Madore


Posted on July 29 2022

Lethbridge Permanent Jewelry and Southern Alberta Permanent Jewelry.

We love permanent jewelry, and more importantly we love creating permanent jewelry pieces for you! We started our permanent jewelry journey in July of 2022. We have now created over 1500 pieces of permanent jewelry here in Lethbridge, AB!

Bookings and Walk-In Permanent Jewelry,

We take walk-ins or you can guarantee your spot by booking through vagaro. Book through vagaro, or through our website or give us a call: 5874861151

We can not always guarantee all walk-ins for permanent jewelry, but we will always do our best! We recommend booking in advance to ensure your appointment.

We are located in downtown Lethbridge in our very own storefront location. 

ADDRESS: 307 5th Street South

Booking Link:

Why permanent jewelry?

First, permanent jewelry is stunning and effortless. Its trendy, timeless, elegant, simple, minimalistic, and its truly beautiful. Second, it can symbolize milestones, unity, love, forever, eternity, relationships, and it serves as a great reminder of significant events. Third, permanent jewelry can be a great way to celebrate any occasion, or to have as a service at birthday parties, bridal parties, and events.

How is permanent jewelry created?

We use a micro laser welder to close jump-rings. This is painless, practically heatless, and there is no torch flame. There is a quick "spark" which closes all metal gaps and holes to create the permanent effect. 


There will be two metal options, 14k gold filled and high quality sterling silver chain. Our 14k gold chain is either 12/20th or 14/20th gold. Gold filled chain is a thick layer of gold molecularly bonded to jewelry brass.

This chain is waterproof, high quality, and nearly life-proof! Although gold filled may break down with time and wear, we tell our customers to expect minimum a years worth of wear as the gold may begin to break down with time. Gold-filled product longevity really depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you’re a frequent hot-tub user, a frequent spray tan goer, you may notice the lifetime of your piece to be shorter in comparison to individuals who do not regularly hottub/spray tan. Gold-filled lasts depending on what chemicals sit on the metal and for how long; avoid alcohol-based products, harsh chemicals with extensive or prolonged exposure. Your bracelet should last you ATLEAST one year, but it has the potential to last for many! Your bracelet is waterproof and tarnish proof, but over time the gold will fade. All chain is handmade in the US and is up to Canadian gold-filled standards. Olive Co. is not responsible for the longevity of your bracelet. 

The second option is high quality sterling silver chain. In terms of longevity, this option is a hardier metal. It’s waterproof, and it will not lose its color. The only way sterling silver tarnishes is if it is exposed to extremally harsh chemicals and high levels of sodium, in this case, your sterling silver can be polished with a silver cloth and the tarnishing is easily polished away- making your piece as good as new!


Permanent Bracelets will start at 65.00 and will increase based on chain choice, charm choice, and connector choice,

Permanent Anklets will start at 75.00 and will increase based on chain choice, charm choice, and connector choice,

Permanent Necklaces will start at 110.00 and increase based on chain choice, charm choice, and connector choice.

Permanent Waist Jewelry will start at 150 and will increase based on chain choice, charm choice, and connector choice.


All permanent jewelry pieces come with 30 day warranty. If the jump ring breaks at the weld point, we will replace it free of charge. If there is a defect with charms, or an issue that is a result of Olive Cos work, we will fix it free of charge. Chain breakage and “stretching” is due to rough wear & accidental pulling. Unfortunately our warranty will not cover chain breakage or stretching after the 30 days, but, for a $20 fee, we will reconnect the chain with an additional jump ring or do our best to fix the issue!

We always cover the jump ring and our welds.

Olive Co. has the right to either deny/accept all warranty requests.

If the chain becomes lost, receive 20% off of a replacement chain.


Disclaimer: during your appointment I will put the chain around you and I will resize it as many times as you would like/need until we have figured out the desired tightness/looseness! I will confirm with you before soldering to make sure it fits EXACTLY how you would like it to. If you go home, and you do not like how loose/tight it is there is a fee ranging from $20-$65 to adjust the chain. If the chain needs to be made smaller, it will cost $20 to re-solder. If the chain needs to be made larger, and it needs to be replaced, the chain will cost a minimum of $40 to replace. 

The best way to avoid this, is to communicate clearly what feels great, too tight, or too loose! Every appointment we can take up to 10 minutes deciding what feels right to you! I will adjust the jewelry dozens of times to ensure it fits correctly, I am more than happy to do this! It is part of your appointment experience.

Is it REALLY permanent? 

It is as permanent as you would like it to be, the chain can easily be snipped with a pair of kitchen scissors if you would like to remove it.



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